[SOLVED] How to Bypass PUBG Mobile emulator detection ?

Finally, I figure out this. Bypass PUBG emulator detection with LDPlayer.

1. Install LDPlayer(v3.23)

2. Download this mod “system.vmdk” file.


Link→zippyshare    Link→MEGA     Link→Nofile.io

3. Replace “vms\leidian0\system.vmdk” in the installed directory of LDPlayer with the downloaded “system.vmdk”. If “vms\leidian0” not exists, replace the “system.vmdk” just in the installed directory.

4. Reinstall PUBG if it is installed.

sorry i cant tell you how it work  🙂

how to change resolution to 1080p

check your keyboard settings is ok ,if the normal template no work you need setting yourself

also,you can use Graphics Tool for PUBG Mobile on emulator , it can unlocks graphics settings that your device doesn’t support.